Thursday, 7 June 2012

Asceticism @ Zuhud

Sometimes when you plan for something, Allah would plan something better. That's what happened to me last week.

It was the starting of school holiday and so, I went to Kuala Terengganu (KT). A marvellous holiday, I should say. It is good to have a small break once a while. I always enjoy working away... doesn't mean I don't love staying home but I love staying away from my OFFICE. It's like the whale - going surface to breathe once a while. Yes, it feels like having a full tank again.

Let me be frank - It wasn't totally holiday coz I attended a seminar for 2 days. One of the speakers is a millionaire who had set up many companies - Great!! I wish I have also. The only company I have are my circle of friends - also GREAT! I figure it must be difficult to control yourself if you have great wealth. That is why Allah did not give wealth to just about anyone but only to certain people. We should be happy with what we have as Allah knows best how much we need and give accordingly - in due measures!

Wealth is good! But let's look at my title for tazkirah tomorrow. It is about ascetic@zuhud. I'll be delivering Dr. Zaharuddin's talk which I heard the night before we drove home. We were so fortunate to have the opportunity to meet him - I mean, watch him from a distance. The mosque was not so crowded and comfortable. His talk was about Muamalat.. wheeling and dealing in Islam. It's about Riba/Interest. All these comes from our greed of the wordly affairs. If we practise ascetic@Zuhud, we won't be dealing with Riba'. That's why my tazkirah title will be on asceticism. I again was reminded by a saying by Saidina Ali r.a. about asceticism @ zuhud  - It is not about not owning anything but it's about not being owned by anything.

Dr Zaharuddin also mentioned of a hadith about knowing your priorities.... Muhammad ibn Ya'qub (al-Kulayni) from Muhammad ibn Yahya, from Ahmad ibn Muhammad, from Ibn Mahbub, from `Abd Allah ibn Sinan and `Abd al-Aziz al-Abdi from `Abd Allah ibn Abi Ya`fur, who report Abu Abd Allah (al-Imam al-Sadiq) (A) to have said: "One who passes his evenings and mornings in such a way that the world be his biggest concern, God ordains poverty between his two eyes and causes his affairs to become disjointed and dissipated, while he does not attain anything except what has been apportioned for him. And as for one who passes his evenings and mornings while his biggest concern and goal be the Hereafter, God puts contentment to his heart and gives a wholeness and unity to his affairs. [1]

We spent a few days at KT. However, before driving home, we stopped AGAIN at the famous market of Kuala Terengganu - Pasar Payang. I believe the batik art is getting more attractive these days - they are really improving especially those which are hand drawn. If you plan to buy the batik, it will be so difficult to choose - they all look equally attractive. I am sure you'll end up buying more than you planned for. I remember when I get out of the car, I had more than enough money to buy what I have already planned. However, I end up going back to the car to get more. Oh.. it''s so difficult to control yourself. I hope Allah understands and forgive me. I really do hope so :) As I walked to the car, I was asking myself if I am doing the right thing... I started making a lot of excuses for myself. I had a list of them and I believe they were all valid. However, I don't think I am practising zuhud... or else, I won't be going back there for more. Ah.. I really love the batik, especially the cotton ones. Can we love batik and be zuhud at the same time?? Yes, I think we can. Like having a mercedes, park the car outside.. just don't park it in your heart :)

Dr. Zaharuddin's story about Abu Darda' really had touched me. Being zuhud, he was willing to let go of his acres of dates farm to exchange it with a date tree in the Jannah. However, he was rewarded with more than he expected - acres of farm with hundreds of dates tree and a palace in Jannah. And Allah's promise is true- for those who believe!

How about us? Can we do the same? Believing the promises of Allah and letting go of our greed. Can we control our worldly intentions - leaving those that will not benefit us in the hereafter? Can we live unselfishly - thinking more of others than our own selves? What if your husband come home and tell you that he has exchange the beautiful house you live in with a house in paradise? What would you say? Would you scold him or say to him like what Abu Darda's wife had told him "(This is the best transaction that you had ever made!")? Would you do the same?

Ah.. Allah is great! He is teaching me all the time - not letting me go for even a bit - While busy thinking about shopping like most women, He sends me a knowledgable person to test if I am really listening and reading the signs. It's my holiday - the least time to expect for a great Islamic talk.  O Allah, I am so grateful!

In the Quran, Allah said: "They were  plotting and Allah too was planning, and Allah is the Best of the planners"[8: 30]


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ALLAH always guide us in HIS mysterious ways. May we be one that takes seriously on HIS reminder =)