Friday, 7 October 2011


They said, in order to love someone, you have to know them. This statement is so true that we have to study about the history of great people and learn from them. We always love to hear stories of great people - on how they lived their lives, their behaviors, their attitudes, their aspirations, their family - if possible, we want to peep through the window of their lives and know everything about them. Great things or great people don't just emerge overnight.. it is a process. They have great parents who educate and groom them. What if we don't have great parents? Well... we still can be great people too in our own ways... ask ourselves, how much have we done to improve ourselves? Many of us have access to great education but still, we have not seen ourselves as leaders, let alone great leaders.. Why? I sometimes ask this question to myself.. What have they got that we do not have? The answers are MANY.

Let's look at one of the great leader of our time... Hassan Al-Banna. We had at our university this week, a book fair and I came across this book "LOVE AT HASSAN AL BANNA'S HOME". This book is not new but I have not read it. This is one of the greatest man in recent history - who's photo we still can find on the internet. Someone who had done the work of dakwah and died as a martyr. With love for this man for the sake of Allah, I took the book home and read. He was an amazing man. He lived his life based on the prophet's life.. his children were the witness to that. They spoke so highly of him and in fact, they love him so much that whatever they said of their father, you can feel their love for him. In one statement, one of his children said, "Even if you have 2 hours of his time, it was enough because that 2 hours with him were already satisfying. While I was reading the book, my mind lingers within his household.. thinking what would be like to be in such environment - having children who had nothing to complain. It was almost impossible to think how it is possible. His children admitted that the childhood and parenting skill of Hassan Al Banna was so perfect that they even think they can't be as good as their father.

These are the things that he did:
- It started with choosing a good wife as mother to the children - he was very selective. She was a great person too - thought highly of her husband and never complains. They used most of their furniture for her husband's head office - curtains, sofa, tables and chairs - you name it. She supported his every action as she understood what he fought for. They lived modestly and they were contented with what they had.
- Making sure that he had time to eat together with his family everyday. When he had guests at home, he would invite them to eat with the family so that he wouldn't miss the meal time together.
- Attended to all his 6 children without failing: the children never feel neglected, even they were amazed how he accommodated them into his busy schedule
- Sent food to school almost everyday to make sure they had good food to eat at school.
- Advice the children without scolding them.
- Never raise his voice. He was very diplomatic with his children. When he doesn't like anything, he would suggest something better to the children. The children would consider due to respect and not fear of him
- Always make sure the children had extra money to buy books. In fact, the children were given more than enough and they spent their money to buy books and they each have their own library.
- A romantic husband to his wife
- Assist his wife with budgeting and making sure that what they needed at home were ordered as planned - he was very precise and systematic
- Taught his children charity-

This book is good as presents to all husbands or at weddings for new husbands. It helps them see their role in the house as a father and as a husband. With Quran as the base of all education, you can't be wrong in bringing up your children. Giving children sound foundation of Islam helps them be better muslims and better husbands too. Current research revealed that, MAN are becoming SOFT and WOMAN are becoming FIERCE. This is due to our new preservatives and additives we have in our food.  Is this true? Or have we not use Quran and the examples of the prophet to live our lives? This great man was raised by his father with Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Seerah etc. He was taught by his father the knowledge of Islam. They had good education at home which most of us can't give to our children but hope that the school can do it on our behalf.

So, when you read this book or any other of its kind, at least it gives you new insights on different aspects of life. Try follow some of the things Hassan Al Banna did, perhaps, things would be better at home. Or may be if you give this book to your husband, perhaps, he can see how he can at least try to improve his leadership or parenting skill to make things better for the children. Or may be, read to your sons and make them realize that they can be great person in their own way too if they follow the teaching of Islam. Isn't it great to have great people around us. But sadly, great people might not be around.. so we have to seek them through readings and perhaps, through these examples, new great people will emerge around us.. in our own community, in our own household, .... and hopefully, you can also feel this kind of greatness and love in your home too. OR HAVE YOU??

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so from your blog it seems hassan al baanah found a good, obedient sex slave and that's the model for all